British Shorthair and Devon Rex Cats

of an affectionate hobbybreed in interesting colours



 My aim is to raise British Shorthair and Devon Rex cats to a higher standard by mating of a well chosen selection of awarded cats and to establish new fascinating colour variations in both types. By full integration of my cats in my everyday┤s life- they are kept within my flat without restriction- my love to the cats is shown in their adorable character.


Sabine M÷sch


CH - 5225 B÷zberg

Tel.: +41 - 56 - 4509061   


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up-to-date litter

Our BSH Cassiopeia has born 3 sweet little boys on 8th. of April 2004

They all have found a new home.


homeopathy and Bach flowers

For a couple of years I have been extensively studying the treatment of cats diseases by homeopathy and Bach flowers.

 Cats breeders and lovers are invited to my lectures in the German speaking countries.

It would be a pleasure for me to send a short summary to interested breeders throughout the world.

   last update on:  26.08.2004

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